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And isn't that what friends are for?
To bare our souls and nothing more?
But you don't like it if I call you when it's late
'Cause you've made it very clear
There's a sympathetic ear
Oh and an apathetic heartbeat that await

I guess you think that I feel something's missing
'Cause when you talk I have the nerve to listen

To what you say, girl (What you say, girl)
But no way, girl (But no way, girl)
There's no way girl that it's happening to me

So on we dance but never slow
You might not tell but let it show
Because you're careful not to linger in my eyes
Do I need your hand to stand by you?
Don't we make it easy to be true?
Well so I wish you hadn't filled your head with lies

I guess you think it's time you should alert me
It wouldn't do, you couldn't bear to hurt me

That's okay, girl (What a cliché, girl)
'Cause no way, girl ('Cause no way, girl)
There's no way girl that it's happening to me

Knock down my door
Dance across my floor
There's news in store
I've heard before
Some creep du jour
Completely sure
It's meant to be
I'll say the joy's both yours and mine
And guess how long I'll wait this time
'Til you come crying back to me

He should be nowhere near your dreams
I think there's gonna be a scene
If I ever see his face around again
I say I'm doing like I should
You say I should leave and leave for good
'Cause neither one now wants the other for a friend

I guess you think I'm trying to deceive you
Well tell me why you think I should believe you

When you say, girl (There's no way, girl)
There's no way, girl (So you say, girl)
There's no way girl that it's happening to you

Whatever you say, girl (Come what may, girl)
I will stay, girl (Every day, girl)
And find a way girl 'til it's happening to you




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Jay Banerjee New York, New York

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